You know what? Shorts are fun. They are. If you're one of those gals that doesn't wear shorts because you don't like your legs, stop. Also, I have a cure for you: the dressy short. 

If you're one of those gals who likes to be fancy and thinks shorts are too casual, please know that shorts aren't just of the denim, casual, cut off variety. Also, here's a cure: the dressy short.

Guess who has TONS of them! Today, the dressy, slouchy, effortless, black ones.

It's easy to let your eyes go to the bold top and shoes, but try to pry your eyes away for a second and see what a dang good basic these dressy shorts are! Great fabric, longer fit, totally versatile.

Letting the shorts be what they are (BASIC) went with bold print and cage heels. Simps.

A lil' color block blazer never hurt nobody!

You see what's happening here? Effortless to style and comfortable.

This outfit could have easily been paired with ye' ol' standbys, the pencil skirt and skinny jean. But why not go for the more interesting choice here? Are you with me? 

Wearing Iro shorts | Zara blazer | Isabel Marant top (on sale) | Alexander Wang heels (similar on sale)