MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: we got some "weather" in LA, AKA it rained a wittle bit. 1.25 inches of rain to be exact!  We're all celebrating by wearing sweaters and jackets. It's the little things people.

Influenced by the overcast skies, I'm hitting you with an all grey outfit.

You want to rain on me? Fine. I can take it. Now take this pattern!

Leopard and geometric shapes, together as one.

A little flair at the derriere... this Helmut Lang top drapes way below the cardigan.

Ever hear of Japanese men's brand N. Hoolywood? This cardigan is an oldie N. Hoolywood piece. Check out the buttons... a little metallic touch.

Ready to get back into the grind! And what are you all wearing on rainy days? Talk to me goose, (Top Gun movie reference) by leaving a comment!

Wearing Helmut Lang top | Current Elliott jeans  (on sale!) | N Hoolywood cardigan | Isabel Marant coat (almost identical Isabel )| Alexander Wang boots (On sale!)