I am just now surfacing from many weeks of production work, with some exciting updates (shhhh..) to be revealed later on the projects page, but for now: it's outfit time. 

It's looking like my deep summer uniform (85+ degrees) is an oversized men's shirt with shorts and a comfortable shoe. I've been working like a dog, so the chance of wearing heels these days are "MEHH" at best. But here's what the uniform is looking like: 

What you see here is a men's oversized linen shirt worn over shorts. Almost like wearing a mini-dress, but not. 

Always working on the neutral pairings, right? There's a stripe story happening, it's imperfect, casual. 

And how to make this big-a** shirt work? For me, it's all in the sleeve roll. 

Pushed as high as they can go (faux-messy) for effortless vibes, but mostly to keep the "blousiness" to the body of the shirt. The sleeves down would be too much. 

Rocking the ol' ipod charm... relic. 


Alexander Wang shorts | Men's shirt (random old brand) | Isabel Marant sneakers

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