Seriously. Does the pencil skirt have to be as dry as a cracker? Do we really have to wear the  black pencil skirt paired with blouse look?  Thinking it's time to update the pencil skirt game.

Some thoughts:

1) Go for skirts that are bold and statement-y. Don't let "impracticality" get in your way. Even a bold skirt can be worn time and time again.

2) Want to really F people's heads up? Go matchy, matchy!

3) Enough with the blousy top! Work a boxier, loose top with the skirt. It's fresher. Trust.


The look sans jacket. Bold print and bright color update this classic silhouette. But again, picked up pieces with texture! It's an infinitely more interesting look because of it.

The back, is as interesting as the front. Boxy top is 1 size too large and makes for a sportier look because of it.

Black heels to anchor.

Push up the sleeves baby.

The texture really pulls the eye in. It's like an under water creature. LOVE it.

Too much? Throw a black blazer over it. I could see wearing this skirt with a button up, a sweater, the list goes on. What say you to the pencil skirt with punch vibe? Leave a comment!

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