Always on the hunt! Here's a collection of cool unisex lifestyle gifts that ACTUALLY have function and great design!

#1 the waxed canvas watch roll

For your watch collection or other accessory storage needs.  Done and done! Handmade in the US of A. $48 Click here for more!

#2 the Notebook Leather Cover 

Does your notebook need a cover? OF COURSE it does! That was a joke, but on the real - if you like to fill small notebooks with ideas, thoughts and dreams, I'm assuming you don't just TOSS them out. If you tuck them away for future reference, here's an idea: protect your writings. Makes a lovely gift, no? $48 pocket-sized. Click here for more!

#3 the Japanese Carry All 

HONEY I LOVE ME A GOOD CARRY ALL! And yes, I wrote that in all caps, as I yelled it in the room while typing, because these particular pieces are designed in Japan, featuring that awesome linen-y look that we've all grown to love. Just looking at these make me very happy.  Allllmost need 2 sitting next to each other. $18 Click here for more! 


Stick this puppy on your key chain with a rolled up bill tucked inside for those days when you forget your wallet and need some cashola. Such a great idea. $24  Click here for more! 

#5 the adventure log

You know what it is? I feel like you're more likely to have an adventure if you have an adventure log. If you're daily life is adventure enough and you're like me: you just like to collect little notebooks because they inspire you to write things down. Add this puppy to your collection. $12 Click here for more! 

#6 the cooler key ring

We all need one or two. They are most likely annoying and not designed well. Either way, these threaded brass key rings are minimal in design and get the job done. $29 Click here for more! 

#7 the wood valet

Listen, I know it's another carry all, but for those of you who like the wood vibe over the Japanese linen chambray look, this one's for you. I also like that this has compartments for "organizing" further. Keys on one side, genius ideas in pocket notebooks on the other! $87 Click here for more! 

#7 the business card holder

You know what makes me feel super legit? A business card. (Do people use them anymore?) Doesn't matter. This business card holder is brass, minimal and looks sexy on the desk. $37 Click here for more! 

Are you into my gift/product round ups? IF there's something you'd like to see more of. Let me know! Leave a comment why don't you?