Ever have an occasion/meeting where you have to be dressy, but not overly dressy? Tradish but not stodgy? And it's during the day, so it's a really funky wardrobing situation? Yeah, me too. 

Mixing casual elements with dressy basics. This is what I did, but insert your fave color here...

Thought: picking "basics" with not-so-basic details, kept this from being a typical pencil skirt and heels moment.

Scarf optional, jacket removable. 

Eyebrow has a mind of it's own

Hit a proper tuck on this. No half tucks. If you're going to wear a pencil skirt, honey, let it live it's LIFE!

Personality's gotta' shine through, even out of my comfort zone (androgynous drop crotch pants) SO THERE! 

Wearing Zara blazer | Alexander Wang skirt | Isabel Marant shirt and scarf