Oh hello. Remember me? Yeah, I've been busy on productions. But here I am!
Been thinking about my NY peeps, freezing away at fashion week, which I've missed because of shoots... but HONEY when I tell you that I am NOT sad about missing that cold weather!

Bless all your east coaster's hearts. In homage to you, I've dressed by theme.  Today... SO ICY!

My thinking here was to go with cold, whites with blue and grey undertones and pieces with a 'lil severity. Like that cold wind cutting your cheeks as you walk east to west in Manhattan... (single tear down my cheek for you)

THE TOP: this baby fits the theme for two reasons, cold white and geometric shapes. I get a modern icicle vibe from it.

THE PANTS: truly, winter white perfection. Check these words out and tell me it's not perfect: DROP CROTCH + SLIM LEG. And the zipper details... severe.

And now for a jacket. Keeping the theme of cold white with grey. This over sized jacket is doing the most to bring an effortlessness to the whole look.

A 'lil 80's flair never hurt nobody. I bought this jacket 2 sizes too big. It was meant to be slouchy, but I went to the extreme.

THE SHOE: stark white. Severe toe... SO ICY!


Wearing Helmut Lang top and trouser | Alexander Wang mules | Isabel Marant jacket