I do! And I LURVE IT! Shopping in the men's section means more options and often times styles that aren't available to us gals. Here's a shopping (not so secret) of mine. Next time you're at a Zara, go into the men's section. You'll see what I mean.

Here's a look from the Rag and Bone's Men's section!

What you see here, is a matchy camo shorts and jacket combo. Do you think these cool separates were represented in the women's collection? No ma'am they were NOT.

Now for the women's elements - black button up and a creamy, dreamy oatmeal sweater. As if, to let the world know that I'm still a lady and a sporty one - a bejeweled bolo by George and Laurel!

You know what time it is! Throw a cap on it.

On the days where I'm looking to be (sorry to use annoying descriptors but it's true) edgy and sporty, I turn to men's clothes. This look wouldn't be as interesting if it weren't for the over-sized and boxy fit of these separates.

What say you?

Wearing Rag and Bone short and jacket | Alexander Wang button up | Sandro cap | Isabel Marant sweater (GAP version) and boots | George & Laurel bolo