First it was about accepting sporty leather. Then it was about wearing leather on leather without looking like Eddie Murphy in the 80's (which I have zero problems with). Then it was about monochrome colored leather. But what about mixing colored leather with ye' ol regular leather?

Some of you have and some of you haven't. Here, I give it go!

Let's start with the color leather piece: the jacket! Here is my thinking: if you're gonna' try a "trend" and spend some dough on it because you expect the trend to become a staple, you gotta' pick a piece that'll have longevity and be easy to style. 

Blue is wearable for sure and bomber styles are easy to dress around. I'd advise against a pink leather blazer. Riiiiighhtt? Now, for the love of geranium, check the design deets on this piece!


Now to mix this blue leather with black. Should be simple right, or not? Because, my default WAS to go with head to toe black and then throw the blue jacket on. But where's the experimentation in that? Instead, howsa' bout creating a relationship between the black leather pant and blue leather jacket? YES!  Enter a botanical top with both black and blue coloring. 

Check how the shirt makes love to the jacket AND the pant equally. 

Sloppy tuck of the shirt into the black jogging pant. 

Keeping the elevated sporty vibes alive, tucked my baggy pant leg into the shoe straps. 

Is this something you've tried and mastered - or ready to give it a go? Holla' at me in the comments!

Wearing Vince leather jogging pant (Gap version $24)  | Zara floral top | Isabel Marant jacket  Blank NYC Vegan Leather and heels similar Loeffler Randall