Can a bad hair day inspire an outfit --- uhhh, YEAH! Check me out today for example.

Woke up with messy hair that wanted to LIVE in it's uncooperative glory. It wanted to be tied up and frayed, honey. It wanted to have loose pieces dangling every which way... and no bun was gonna' stop it! So why fight it- Let "messy" BE the look.

Threw on some jeans that are as hole-y and piece-y as my hair.  Hole-y and piece-y are technical words, of course. 

Knowing my whole look would mostly be slopa-dops - and for visual interest, I put on this colorful and printed midriff top. Maaaayyyybe a little sex appeal will get me through this messy day? 

But alas, I don't have the courage to show my belly all day, also - the look wouldn't be complete as is... enter an oversized men's button up to continue embracing the messy vibes.

Yes, this Rag and Bone button up is from the men's department... check out the fresh design deets. A lil' fresh polka, a lil' white sleeve, a rustic button moment! 

And then when I get shy,  I'll just button this bad boy up and look casual