Travel on top of travel means jet lag and a tiiiiiiiirrrrreeeed looking face. But alas, there's an app for that. Sike, there's an outfit for that!

Seriously, when feeling lack-luster, I dial up the fashions to "camouflage" my face. In this case, with actual camo print.

What you see here, is an APC camo print shirt and an architectural vest. The hope is that people will be delighted AND distracted. Now you see me... now you don't!

The difficulty with this particular vest is that it could "wear you" because of it's exaggerated proportions.

But I'm wearing it with a bold shirt to let the world know, I ain't afraid!

Balancing act: black jeans and the go-to travel boots.

What do you do to "camo" your face? Leave a comment why dontcha'!

 Wearing J Brand jeans | A.P.C Shirt ( similar Club Monaco)| Isabel Marant vest | Alexander Wang (on sale) boots