Taking a piece meant for the beach and wearing it in the city... without looking like a jackass? Maaayyybeee. But you be the judge!  Here's the full look.

What you see here is a Lem Lem swimsuit cover up made wearable by sneaking a dress underneath it for coverage. Very sneaky.

See it? 

We're not at the beach after all - so bring on the moto jacket baby! 

Taking color cues from the single orange stripe in the dress and kicking it on up a notch with the shoes. 

Taking the "beach meets city" theme into accessory land and did this... feather whimsy + iPod charm. 

Remember old iPods? Righhttt.


Lem Lem cover up | American Apparel under dress | Proenza Schouler heels | Isabel Marant feather necklace and jacket