This outfit is nothing ground breaking, but makes a case for choosing the right pieces for you vs. choosing what most people would buy... aka "safe".

Here's what I mean:

1) Instead of buying ye' old blue boyfriend jeans - try an alternative shade. I like deep grey. Surprise, surprise!

2) Yes, it's sweater season. When shopping try a cropped or super over-sized fit, juuuust to add some interest to your look. I know, I know, basics. But you get what I mean - different lengths and shapes create more interesting looks.

3) When it gets too cold, throw a button up under that cropped sweater, and wear it into the Winter.

4) Ankle boot, shmankle boot (actually I love them,) but go with a wedge/heel hybrid. Something architectural maybe?

You know you've done a good job with your shopping choices, when the oldies but goodies come back year after year and still make an impact.

Wearing Alexander Wang cropped sweater | RTA Denim | Givenchy Wedges