Half Haitian and half Jewish, Vanessa spent years as a professional dancer before forging her own path into lifestyle marketing as a director, writer and producer.  Over the past decade, Beletic has created original digital video concepts, short films, and virtual look books for major players in the fashion industry.  A pioneer of branded video content, she influenced a new category of retail that continues to permeate digital culture. 

Beletic has built digital content studios and concepts for such clients as Conde Nast Entertainment, L’Oreal, and PopSugar.  Her work as a digital content creator continues to influence others in the genre. Notably, her virtual look books for designers including Eileen Fisher and DylanLex, a hosted video series for L’Oreal in 2012 with YouTube makeup artist Kandee Johnson (now an ambassador for the brand since 2017), and a ‘Day in the Life’ PopSugar video concept with Levi’s in 2011 (casting blogger Aimee Song in her first ever branded video campaign).  

Today, Vanessa directs music videos, fashion films and branded content out of Los Angeles and New York.